Table 1.

Input data for modelling purposes including periods of sedimentation, erosion and non-deposition, and 27 layers and assigned lithological composition representative for the study area

Model layer horizonDeposited from (Ma)Deposited to (Ma)Erosion start (Ma)Erosion end (Ma)Lithology
1Tortonian and Holocene11.20.0090% Shale (organic lean, silty), 10% siltstone (organic lean)
2MMU and Serravallian15.9714.714.711.290% Shale (organic lean, silty), 10% siltstone (organic lean)
3Lower Miocene20.515.9790% Shale (organic lean, silty), 10% siltstone (organic lean)
4Oligocene33.720.590% Siltstone (organic lean), 10% shale (organic lean, silty)
5Eocene54.833.770% Shale (organic lean, silty), 30% siltstone (organic lean)
6Paleocene6554.890% Shale (organic lean, typical), 10% tuff (basaltic)
7Campanian and Danian83.565Limestone (chalk, typical)
8Coniacian and Santonian8983.5Limestone (chalk, typical)
9Cenomanian and Turonian98.9898988.2Limestone (chalk, typical)
10Lower Cretaceous14298.988.287.665% Marl, 20% shale, 15% siltstone
11Hot Shale (Upper Jurassic)14414287.687.3Shale (organic rich, typical)
12Upper Jurassic156.514487.383.575% Shale (organic lean, typical) 25% sandstone (typical)
13Middle Jurassic17816516516350% Sandstone (typical), 50% Siltstone (organic lean)
14Posidonia Shale (Lower Jurassic)180178163.9163.8Shale (organic rich, typical)
15Lower Jurassic200180163.8161.875% Shale (organic lean, typical) 25% sandstone (typical)
16Keuper234200161.8159.545% Shale, 35% marl, 10% sandstone, 10% anhydrite
17Upper Buntsandstein and Muschelkalk246234159.5158.560% Shale, 35% siltstone, 5% sandstone
18Lower and Middle Buntsandstein251246158.5156.560% Shale, 35% siltstone, 5% sandstone
19Zechstein salt258251Salt
20Zechstein carbonate26025820% Anhydrite, 80% carbonate (dolomite)
21Upper Rotliegend272.5260.5Sandstone (typical)
22Lower Rotliegend296272.575% Siltstone (organic lean), 25% shale (organic lean, silty)
23Stephanian305304304301.3Sandstone (typical)
24Westphalian320305301.3298.680% Shale (typical), 25% sandstone (typical0
25Namurian326.5320298.629660% Shale (organic reach, typical), 40% sandstone (typical)
26Namurian–Visean330326.550% Siltstone (organic reach, typical), 25% coal (silty), 15% sandstone (typical)
27Sedimentary basement380330Siltstone (organic lean)
  • Source rocks are marked in italic.